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Captivate your customers with dynamic video.

Vidy is the most intimate viewing experience for video ads. Each second that your viewer watches, they are directly immersed and holding down on your brand.

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Execute a Purchase Right
off your Video

Vidy's Instant Checkout gives your campaign the ability to convert a purchase on-page, right off of your video ad view. It is the fastest and most convenient checkout experience in the world that results in more sales and revenue.

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Infinite Possibilities

Tell Your Brand's Story in a Compelling Format

Nested video is a touch activated, hyper-relevant format to convey your message in a modern, sleek way. Repurpose your existing video content and commercials into vidys for more impactful exposure across the best publishers.

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Brand Lift Through Nested Video

Tap into a new immersive weapon for your brand with Vidy's novel nested video, and treat your viewers to a memorable experience every session.

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Ad Manager Features

Vidy provides a sweeping feature-set to both consistently captivate and convert. Our approach marries user targeting, hyper-relevant keyword triggers, and downstream conversions.

Targeting & Brand Safety

Vidy tailors your campaigns to target your desired audience demographic and publishers, with the utmost brand safety.

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Measure & Detect

Vidy uses 3rd Party White Ops SDKs to measure all campaign performance metrics and to detect and prevent fraud.

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NLP Keyword Triggers

Vidy searches the web and nests your videos inside the keywords most integral to your brand and products.

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“From the first time I saw Vidy, I knew they would soon be the innovation leader of the ad industry”
Dawn Hudson
ex CEO of Pepsi, CMO of NFL
“Vidy’s unique format is a big opportunity for brands to connect with customers on a different level”
George Rogers
CRO of Vice Media
“Vidy’s ability to merge monetization with a positive experience is what the best publishers need today”
Brad Elders
VP Revenue of NY Post, ex CRO of Time
“Vidy has built a trust system through its opt-in experience that the industry can benefit greatly from”
Damian Marano
CEO of Docklight, ex VP Sales of Coca Cola
“Vidy has the potential to help not just every website on Wix, but all websites hosted today”
Dror Shaked
SVP Business Development of Wix.com
"Vidy is a great way to excite customers about your products in a format that they will actually enjoy"
Alan Boehme
CTO of Procter & Gamble

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Vidy conducts successful campaigns around the globe every day with some of the best brands. Whether you are looking for conversion, engagement, or brand lift, the Vidy unit will deliver.