About Us

Vidy is a fast moving organization of passionate engineers and salespeople who seek a better future for the web. We want to fix the broken ecosystem online through a paradigm shifting experience.

Our Story & Mission

The Vidy story begins at Harvard, where Patrick Colangelo founded the company in his dorm room.

Late one night, while he was reading an article on his phone, Patrick conceived of the idea of fusing short hyper-relevant videos underneath related lines of text on the page, and in that flash... Vidy was born. In the days ahead, Patrick went on to invent Vidy's nested video product and the Vidy Instant Purchase layer, which now rests atop millions of web pages.

Joined by his Cofounder, Matthew Lim, who heads Asia operations and leads an expansive BD team in Shanghai, together the two friends have grown the company into a global enterprise that stretches from East to West.

Today, Vidy has an engineering and sales team based in New York, San Francisco, and Shanghai with team members who have previously sold their own software companies, amassed 10s of millions of customers, and have enjoyed decades of successes in the software development world.

The Vidy team has been together for years, bonded by mutual admiration, friendship, and ambition to build a platform that can truly change human lives for the better.

As believers in technologies that exist for the betterment of the human colossus, we have collectively devoted ourselves to the mission of letting content be found, consumed, and enjoyed in a way that finally safeguards and truly garnishes us.

“The future is video meets brevity. We exist to be short and relevant because that is how information will be disseminated moving forward.”

Patrick Colangelo — Founder and CEO of Vidy


Our Leadership Team

Meet some of the people who make Vidy's products for millions of users all over the globe.

Founder and CEO
Patrick founded the company at Harvard, where he lead Harvard's biggest business and tech organizations. He is the inventor of Vidy's products, and Patrick created the industry category of 'nested video.' He runs all company operations out of Vidy HQ in New York.
Cofounder and Asia CEO
Matthew runs Vidy Asia operations and has closed deals with the biggest publishers and advertising brands in the region. Before Vidy, he spent 3 years in M&A at Credit Suisse and graduated from National University of Singapore.
Lead Engineering
Jake has over 13 years of experience in mobile development, machine learning, and back-end architecture, and holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science. He's contributed in big ways to many of Vidy's most successful products across the whole stack.
Lead Web/Product
Garrett is a Y Combinator alumnus founder and entrepreneurial engineer with over 15 years of experience building web products for venture backed companies. He has an expertise in Javascript, React, Svelte, and front-end web technologies.
Lead R&D
Marco is an experienced entrepreneur with a successful exit and over 15 years of engineering experience under his belt. He has built search engines, computer vision algorithms, and a number of apps. At Vidy he handles all research and development.
Lead Backend
Jorge holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of San Francisco and joined Vidy in San Francisco upon graduating. He has since commanded large pieces of the platform and specializes in node, database design, and backend architecture.
Lead Product
Arria is a highly experienced client-side software engineer specializing in mobile operating systems. He has 16 years of experience, with professional training rooted in the foundational principles behind OOP for large-scale environments.
Lead Frontend
Fielding is a design-centric multidisciplinary web engineer who has been a main contributor of Vidy's front-end. He has over 12 years of web engineering experience with deep language expertise in React.js, Svelte, and vanilla Javascript.